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Enjoying My Own Timeline

Posted originally on Facebook on September 26, 2017

September 2017

Obligatory mugshot ’cause I just claimed my diploma…a year after actually graduating medschool. 😂

I have my own timeline and I’m enjoying it. I’m in no rush.

I’ve been asked a lot of times about my age. I started medschool at 23 years old, graduated at 27, will take the boards at 29. I have seniors who are younger than me but that’s okay. I recognize and respect them. My high school and college batchmates have started their own families already and I’m happy for them. Still, I’m in no rush.

I’ve been asked also about how I handle having previous students as classmates in med. Well, I treat them as classmates. How else should I? Haha. As much as possible, I want them to quit calling me Ma’am. I didn’t really feel any pressure whenever they get higher grades than me because they really CAN. Just because I was one of their lecturers does not mean I should always be ahead of them. I don’t roll that way. I learn at my own pace and if others learn faster, why compare? I’m in no rush.

If I didn’t graduate on the specified time or didn’t get my license the same time as my batchmates and I’m the only one left unlicensed, would I still be in no rush?

Hehe. Of course.
I want to believe that I’ve learned how to trust God’s ever perfect timing.

That’s one of the many things that got me through medschool.





Hi! I am an anime-loving registered medical technologist turned doctor of medicine. Oh yeah, I teach medtech and life. Hihi. ^o^ Yoroshiku.

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