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A Retaker’s Corner

Hello, every one! This post will contain information that I think may help the MTLE board exam retakers in their journey to move forward and to try again.


Below is a list of my video messages for the retakers, recorded at different time/dates. Please watch at least one, preferably all.

Message #1

Message #2

Message #3

Message #4

Message #5

Message #6

Below is Doc Joan’s (our consultant psychiatrist) mental health talk for retakers. Please watch it and may you have the courage to try again.

Muli: A Mental Health Talk for Board Exam Takers
“Coping Up With Failures and Starting Again”
April 23, 2021


  • Click here to see FREE REVIEW NOTES.
  • Click here to see CHECKPOINTNOTES.
  • Click here to see ONLINE REVIEW COURSES.
  • Click here to see STUDY TIPS & TECHNIQUES.
  • Those who failed to pass the board examination three times are required to undergo a REFRESHER COURSE. See section 19 of RA 5527.
  • Those who failed to pass the board examination for Medical Technology but had obtained a general rating of at least 70% can register as MEDICAL LABORATORY TECHNICIAN. See section 21 of RA 5527.
      1. Fill-out application form together with the required documents for pre-evaluation to the Application Division (4th Floor, Annex Bldg.) at the PRC Central Office and the Regional Offices processing counters.
          • Report of rating (optional)
          • Original NBI Clearance
          • Original and Photocopy of Marriage Certificate NSO (for married female)
      2. Go to the Legal Division (2nd Floor, Main Bldg) for notarization
      3. Go to the cashier for payment of fees. (Ground Flr., Main Bldg.)
      4. Go to the Customer Service Center for documentary stamp (Ground Flr., Annex Bldg.)
      5. Submit duly accomplish application form to the Application Division.
      6. After three (3) months, verify status of application at Tel. No. (02) 736-2252
    • MEDICAL TECHNICIAN/LAB TECH E-OATH/APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS (Note: This is according to a previous student who applied for MLT license. For more updated info, please call PRC.)
      1. Fill out the form.
      2. Notarize sa law firm.
      3. Bring all documents sa PRC Office then pay fees.
      4. Regional office will send out the docs to main dept nila for approval.
      5. Pag approved na you will be informed or if wala daw tawag, kayo na tumawag and hingi ng update.
      6. Once approved, pwede na mag e-oath.
    • Download the file for to see “Guidelines on the Registration of Medical Laboratory Technician”

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May you all be blessed by the peace of God!

Special thanks to all who sent me details/information about the schools that offer refresher course and the steps for MLT license application!



Hi! I am an anime-loving registered medical technologist turned doctor of medicine. Oh yeah, I teach medtech and life. Hihi. ^o^ Yoroshiku.

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