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God of the Impossible!

I still remember how my world crumbled when double lines in the rapid antigen test kit became visible as I was not actually expecting that the sneezes and runny nose I was having a day before were due to COVID-19. And so, on September of 2021, the day I feared has come…I became part of the statistics but fortunately, I belonged to the mild cases and now, as I am writing this, I am fully recovered and the whole household has finished the 14-day quarantine.

I would like to give praises to our Lord, Jesus Christ, our God, for everything! He was, and is, and will always be on our side no matter what we face. He gives us courage and hope. I would not be able to overcome this and all the other struggles in my life if it wasn’t because of God. I thank the Lord for my health restoration and the protection of my loved ones. I do not think I am more worthy of another chance to live but I am still breathing today. THANK GOD AND PRAISES BE UNTO HIM FOREVER!

Tracing our steps, we cannot understand how I got infected since I was not going anywhere. I had not stepped out of the house in the last month. One possible source we can think of was the deliveries. But even so, what is weird is that I am never the one who receives the food or parcel deliveries. It was always my mother or my husband. Fortunately, among four adults and a baby, I was the only one who was positive.

I did not really think it was COVID but because I had symptoms, it was only right to get tested. I even had the rapid antigen test done twice because of disbelief. I was wishing that it was just a false-positive. I had requested for home service RT-PCR immediately and it officially confirmed that I had the virus. I don’t think I will ever forget how I felt on that day. I freaked out not because I was scared for myself but because I was in close contact with my baby (1 year and 9 months) and the rest of my family. I exposed them and threatened their safety. I was scared that they will also get infected. That burden haunted me for days especially during the first 24 hours of isolation. Worship songs and Christmas songs kept me company as I was trying to compose myself. I was not able to sleep properly for days worrying about my family, especially my baby. I really thank God that they did not show any signs of infection as days passed by and that helped me focus on my recovery.

Two RATs showed positive results. I will never forget this.

I only had a runny nose for about 3 days, sore throat for about 5 days, lessened sense of taste, and loss of smell for 1 day. I had no fever episodes, cough and, difficulty of breathing. I did get tired easily but I am all better now. I just thought that God put me in this situation so I can have a valid excuse to lock myself up to get things done (such as updating of CheckPointNotes) but because I was not feeling well, I was not able to get productive. Haha. I did play Mobile Legends and watch Kdrama or anime as needed. I avoided shows with children though because they make me miss my baby more. There were times I broke down because I miss my baby and my husband so much, but their safety and health are the topmost priority. I am blessed that I only had a mild case that I was able to isolate at home, near my loved ones, who were able to take care of me and were the source of my strength and willingness to recover immediately. I just ate a lot of fruits, took vitamins and supplements, and rested as much as I can. Thank God I did not need any other interventions.

I am writing this to share two things, among others.


I was in close contact with everyone in the household, as in super close, but NOT ANYONE OF THEM tested positive or had symptoms even after the 14-day quarantine. How can that be possible amidst the delta variant surge which is believed to be transmitted in fleeting contact? I firmly believe it was God. You cannot talk me out of it.

This was a photo I took the night before getting tested. See how close I was to my baby? It was a miracle that he was not infected! PRAISE BE TO GOD!


Everyone in the family was fully vaccinated. My baby also had his vaccines updated. When Doc Salvana posted on Facebook that at this rate, it is only a matter of when will we be infected, I was thankful that if it is inevitable, at least, we now have the vaccines. If I had it during the first wave, I don’t think I will come out of it easily even if I am young and have no co-morbidities. Vaccines add a massive layer of protection. So, please, get vaccinated as soon as you can.

Having it already does not mean we will be spared in the future so we cannot be complacent. We will be more careful than ever. We will pray harder and plead that God protects us all, heal everyone who is sick and comfort anyone who needs it.

I pray that people will be more concerned and understanding of others’ welfare. Follow the health protocols. If you have symptoms, get tested. Do not go out unnecessarily. Get vaccinated as soon as you can. Protect the children and the other vulnerable. I hope you appreciate the fact that you are still able to breathe normally, eat with all of your tastebuds working fine and smell even the worst scents. Not everyone has the privilege.

Life is short.



Special shout-out to Ermita Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory for the hassle-free home service RT-PCR testing. If interested to get their service, please contact Ma’am Mary Ann at 09977719095.

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Hi! I am an anime-loving registered medical technologist turned doctor of medicine. Oh yeah, I teach medtech and life. Hihi. ^o^ Yoroshiku.

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