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A Retaker’s Corner

Hello, every one! This post will contain information that I think may help the MTLE board exam retakers in their journey to move forward and to try again.


Below is a list of my video messages for the retakers, recorded at different time/dates. Please watch at least one, preferably all.

Message #1

Message #2

Message #3

Message #4

Message #5

Message #6

Below is Doc Joan’s (our consultant psychiatrist) mental health talk for retakers. Please watch it and may you have the courage to try again.

Muli: A Mental Health Talk for Board Exam Takers
“Coping Up With Failures and Starting Again”
April 23, 2021


  • Click here to see FREE REVIEW NOTES.
  • Click here to see CHECKPOINTNOTES.
  • Click here to see ONLINE REVIEW COURSES.
  • Click here to see STUDY TIPS & TECHNIQUES.
  • Those who failed to pass the board examination three times are required to undergo a REFRESHER COURSE. See section 19 of RA 5527.
  • Those who failed to pass the board examination for Medical Technology but had obtained a general rating of at least 70% can register as MEDICAL LABORATORY TECHNICIAN. See section 21 of RA 5527.
      1. Fill-out application form together with the required documents for pre-evaluation to the Application Division (4th Floor, Annex Bldg.) at the PRC Central Office and the Regional Offices processing counters.
          • Report of rating (optional)
          • Original NBI Clearance
          • Original and Photocopy of Marriage Certificate NSO (for married female)
      2. Go to the Legal Division (2nd Floor, Main Bldg) for notarization
      3. Go to the cashier for payment of fees. (Ground Flr., Main Bldg.)
      4. Go to the Customer Service Center for documentary stamp (Ground Flr., Annex Bldg.)
      5. Submit duly accomplish application form to the Application Division.
      6. After three (3) months, verify status of application at Tel. No. (02) 736-2252
    • MEDICAL TECHNICIAN/LAB TECH E-OATH/APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS (Note: This is according to a previous student who applied for MLT license. For more updated info, please call PRC.)
      1. Fill out the form.
      2. Notarize sa law firm.
      3. Bring all documents sa PRC Office then pay fees.
      4. Regional office will send out the docs to main dept nila for approval.
      5. Pag approved na you will be informed or if wala daw tawag, kayo na tumawag and hingi ng update.
      6. Once approved, pwede na mag e-oath.
    • Download the file for to see “Guidelines on the Registration of Medical Laboratory Technician”

READ: Sa Lahat ng Bumagsak, Sawang-sawa Na Ako Sa Inyo

May you all be blessed by the peace of God!

Special thanks to all who sent me details/information about the schools that offer refresher course and the steps for MLT license application!

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God of the Impossible!

I still remember how my world crumbled when double lines in the rapid antigen test kit became visible as I was not actually expecting that the sneezes and runny nose I was having a day before were due to COVID-19. And so, on September of 2021, the day I feared has come…I became part of the statistics but fortunately, I belonged to the mild cases and now, as I am writing this, I am fully recovered and the whole household has finished the 14-day quarantine.

I would like to give praises to our Lord, Jesus Christ, our God, for everything! He was, and is, and will always be on our side no matter what we face. He gives us courage and hope. I would not be able to overcome this and all the other struggles in my life if it wasn’t because of God. I thank the Lord for my health restoration and the protection of my loved ones. I do not think I am more worthy of another chance to live but I am still breathing today. THANK GOD AND PRAISES BE UNTO HIM FOREVER!

Tracing our steps, we cannot understand how I got infected since I was not going anywhere. I had not stepped out of the house in the last month. One possible source we can think of was the deliveries. But even so, what is weird is that I am never the one who receives the food or parcel deliveries. It was always my mother or my husband. Fortunately, among four adults and a baby, I was the only one who was positive.

I did not really think it was COVID but because I had symptoms, it was only right to get tested. I even had the rapid antigen test done twice because of disbelief. I was wishing that it was just a false-positive. I had requested for home service RT-PCR immediately and it officially confirmed that I had the virus. I don’t think I will ever forget how I felt on that day. I freaked out not because I was scared for myself but because I was in close contact with my baby (1 year and 9 months) and the rest of my family. I exposed them and threatened their safety. I was scared that they will also get infected. That burden haunted me for days especially during the first 24 hours of isolation. Worship songs and Christmas songs kept me company as I was trying to compose myself. I was not able to sleep properly for days worrying about my family, especially my baby. I really thank God that they did not show any signs of infection as days passed by and that helped me focus on my recovery.

Two RATs showed positive results. I will never forget this.

I only had a runny nose for about 3 days, sore throat for about 5 days, lessened sense of taste, and loss of smell for 1 day. I had no fever episodes, cough and, difficulty of breathing. I did get tired easily but I am all better now. I just thought that God put me in this situation so I can have a valid excuse to lock myself up to get things done (such as updating of CheckPointNotes) but because I was not feeling well, I was not able to get productive. Haha. I did play Mobile Legends and watch Kdrama or anime as needed. I avoided shows with children though because they make me miss my baby more. There were times I broke down because I miss my baby and my husband so much, but their safety and health are the topmost priority. I am blessed that I only had a mild case that I was able to isolate at home, near my loved ones, who were able to take care of me and were the source of my strength and willingness to recover immediately. I just ate a lot of fruits, took vitamins and supplements, and rested as much as I can. Thank God I did not need any other interventions.

I am writing this to share two things, among others.


I was in close contact with everyone in the household, as in super close, but NOT ANYONE OF THEM tested positive or had symptoms even after the 14-day quarantine. How can that be possible amidst the delta variant surge which is believed to be transmitted in fleeting contact? I firmly believe it was God. You cannot talk me out of it.

This was a photo I took the night before getting tested. See how close I was to my baby? It was a miracle that he was not infected! PRAISE BE TO GOD!


Everyone in the family was fully vaccinated. My baby also had his vaccines updated. When Doc Salvana posted on Facebook that at this rate, it is only a matter of when will we be infected, I was thankful that if it is inevitable, at least, we now have the vaccines. If I had it during the first wave, I don’t think I will come out of it easily even if I am young and have no co-morbidities. Vaccines add a massive layer of protection. So, please, get vaccinated as soon as you can.

Having it already does not mean we will be spared in the future so we cannot be complacent. We will be more careful than ever. We will pray harder and plead that God protects us all, heal everyone who is sick and comfort anyone who needs it.

I pray that people will be more concerned and understanding of others’ welfare. Follow the health protocols. If you have symptoms, get tested. Do not go out unnecessarily. Get vaccinated as soon as you can. Protect the children and the other vulnerable. I hope you appreciate the fact that you are still able to breathe normally, eat with all of your tastebuds working fine and smell even the worst scents. Not everyone has the privilege.

Life is short.



Special shout-out to Ermita Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory for the hassle-free home service RT-PCR testing. If interested to get their service, please contact Ma’am Mary Ann at 09977719095.

No description available.

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Wala po ako I.D. eh, pwede po ‘yung tarpaulin? :))



I was invited to give an inspirational talk at CEU College of Medical Technology Recognition Day today, March 18, 2010.

The program is set to start at 9am but I arrived there at 9.05 am, so I was worried that I would be late. Hahaha. I hurried walking while wearing high heels. Yes, I did. Hahaha. Dalaga na kaya ako. :))


Hinanda ko na ‘yung C.O.M (Certificate of Matriculation) ko para mapakita agad sa guard at eto ang nangyari.

Guard: Yes Ma’am, saan po sila?

Cha: Ay, Kuya, aattend po kasi ako ng Recognition Day ng MedTech, wala po ako Alumni ID, nawala po. Hindi pa po ako nakakapag-apply.

Guard: Meron ka bang ibang ID na magpapakita ng pangalan mo?

Cha: Kuya kasi nawala lahat eh, pero AKO PO YUNG NASA TARPAULIN KUYA. (Mahinahon naman ang pagkakasabi ko at biglaan kong nasabi yun kasi nagmamadali na ako.)

Guard: Alin, yung bagong kabit? Ahh, ikaw ba yun? (Mukha siyang delighted to see me in person. Hahaha, feelingera na naman ako.)

Cha: Opo Kuya, hehehe. 🙂

Guard: Eh di dapat andito ka na din sa bulletin board. (Nagpunta kami sa bulletin board pero hindi updated.)

Cha: Wala pa po ata. Hehe.

Guard: Wow! Congrats ah. Sige pasok ka na. :))

Cha: Abot-tenga ang ngiti.Hahahaha. Hindi ko po intensyong magyabang, tawag lang po ng sitwasyon dahil malelate na ko. :))

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#TheCheckPointOnline Review Testimonials

Redeemed, RMT ni Lord, March 2021

Hello, RMTs and future RMTs-in-God’s-Perfect-Time ni Lord!

Gusto kong magpaabot ng maligayang pagbati sa inyong lahat dahil nalampasan natin ang January at March 2021 MTLE sa kabila ng COVID-19 pandemic. Hindi madali yung exam na natapos natin, kaya pasado man o hindi, binabati ko po ang lahat ng CONGRATULATIONS!

Gusto ko lang magshare ng bits about my life story.

Maraming nagsasabi na strong akong tao dahil naovercome ko ang lahat ng struggles sa buhay ko mula bata pa hanggang ngayon. Hindi ko na babanggitin ang lahat ng details. Ang babanggitin ko na lang ay yung struggles ko na may kinalaman sa college at sa pagpasa ko sa board exam.

Naka-pito akong taon sa college na dahil dalawang beses akong lumipat ng universities. Sobra ang struggle ko na makaadjust sa Manila bilang isang galing probinsya. Nakaranas ako ng matinding homesickness. Matinding pagod ang nararanasan ko araw-araw dahil sa pagcommute. Na-heartbroken din ako nang malala. Wala akong mapagsabihan na kaibigan o kapamilya kasi takot akong majudge. Ako kasi yung tipong hindi naman into relationships. Subsob sa pag-aaral, kumbaga. Pero nangyari na nga iyong kinatatakutan ko. Nauwi ito sa depression. Diagnosed ako with major depression. Mas naaggravate pa ng pagiging malayo ko sa family ko at yung wala akong makausap dahil sa takot akong mahusgahan.

Inendure ko araw-araw nang ilang taon ang depression ko nang walang nakakaalam na kaklase sa school. Nangyari na rin ang kinatatakutan ko na unti-unti nang humihina ang pag-isip ko. Hindi na gaya ng dati. Kahit na nahihirapan ako sa sakit ko, ngumingiti pa rin ako at tinatago ang sakit ko nang hindi alam nang mga tao sa paligid ko. Kapag may kailangan sila sa akin, andun pa rin ako para tumulong kahit sa sarili ko ay hirap na hirap ako.
Noon internship, na-bully rin ako. Nakadagdag pa yun sa depression ko.

Fast forward nung naka graduate na ako. Supposed to be ay magtitake ako ng board exam noong September 2019, pero hindi ko talaga kaya gawa ng sakit ko. Kaya hindi ako nagapply. Nagregister ako for March 2020 na lang. Pero gawa ng pandemic, napostpone ang exam. Kahit habang nagrereview ako para sa March 2020 na exam sana, bitbit ko pa rin ang sakit ko. Hirap na hirap pa rin ako. Pero malaki ang pasasalamat ko dahil di ako pinapabayaan ni God at ng family ko. 😔❤

March 2020 nang naglockdown sa Manila, umuwi ako sa probinsya namin. Mas lumala ang depression ko dahil sa mga plano sa buhay na hindi natuloy, at dahil sa fact na para sa akin ay matanda na ako pero wala pa akong naaabot sa buhay hindi tulad ng mga kabatch ko nung high school na mga nagtatrabaho na, nagmemedicine na, etc. Big deal yun para sa akin eh given na medyo achiever ako. Hindi po ako nagmamayabang, sana maintindihan niyo po ako.

Matagal akong naka-tambay lang sa bahay. Biglang nag announce na January 21-22, 2021 na ang board exam. Kahit papalapit na ang board exam, hirap na hirap pa rin akong mag-aral. Kaya nagdesisyon ulit ako na wag magtake ng January. Nagpareschedule na lang ako to March.

Parati kong kinakausap si Lord, “Lord, hanggang kelan ba ako aatras? Bigyan mo po ako ng lakas ng loob. Kahit minsan lang sana po makaintindi na ako ng inaaral ko. Kahit ngaying board exam lang po, Lord. Hirap na hirap na kasi ako sa buhay ko. Hindi ko na alam ang gagawin ko. Sa’yo na lang ako kumakapit.” Lagi akong umiiyak. Walang araw na hindi ako umiiyak. Hindi alam ng pamilya ko na kapag nasa loob lang ako ng kwarto, akala nila ay nag-aaral ako pero ang talagang ginagawa ko ay umiiyak ako o di kaya ay natutulog na lang. Pero syempre pinipilit kong mag aral. Naroon pa rin ang guidance at help ni God na sabayan ako sa pagreview.

Pero honestly, hirap na hirap akong makaintindi. Kaya sabi ko sa sarili ko, bahala na. Lalaban ako hanggang kaya ko. Mag eexam ako. Alam kong kaya ko. Alam kong hindi ako papabayaan ni God…ng family ko…ng Checkpoint Online Tutorial family. Kahit na tahimik lang ako sa group chat, alam naman ni Doc Krizza ang sitwasyon ko. Ang maganda pa, dahil minomonitor ni Doc Krizza ang reviewees niya personally. Sobrang nakatulong ang messages ni Doc sa akin. Pati mga messages sa group chat. 😭❤

So ayan exam days na. After ng 2nd day ng exam, pinaubaya ko na kay God ang lahat-lahat. Akala ko nga eh hindi ako papasa sa sobrang hirap ng exam. Pero nung March 25, bigla akong tinawagan ni Doc Krizza. Pasado ako! 😭

Sa kabila ng lahat ng pag-iyak ko, depression, pagiging delayed ko at pagiging huli compared sa batchmates ko, nagawa kong maging #HappyReadyRMTniLord. Pakiramdam ko naredeem ako. Napawi ang lahat ng luha. Nasuklian ang lahat ng paghihirap. Nabura ang lahat ng pagdududa sa sarili. Nabalewala ang pagiging delayed ko sa paggraduate. Nagkaroon ng sense ang pagpaliban ko ng dalawang nakaraang board exams. Naging sulit ang paghihintay nang matagal. RMT na ako! 😭❤

Marami pa akong gustong ibahagi sa inyo. Pero sa ibinahagi ko, nais kong iparating ang mensahe na si God ang pinagmumulan ng LAHAT ng magagandang bagay sa mundo. Sa kanya dapat tayo kumapit sa mga panahon na pinanghihinaan na tayo ng loob, sa mga panahon na nawawalan na tayo ng pag-asa sa buhay. Hindi niya tayo papabayaan. Hindi niya ako pinabayaan kaya hindi rin niya kayo papabayaan kahit na sa tingin niyo ay natutulog siya. GOD IS WORKING sa background. At kung sa tingin niyo na napag iiwanan na kayo ng panahon, ng mga kasama niyo, batchmates niyo, wag kayong malungkot dahil darating din ang oras na IBIBIGAY SA INYO NI GOD ang destiny niyong RMT sa dulo ng pangalan niyo IN HIS PERFECT TIME. Tulad ko, nadelay man ng ilang taon, pero binigay pa rin ni God ang destiny ko…ang RMT sa dulo ng pangalan ko. Maging faithful lang tayo sa promises Niya. Kahit hindi niyo na naiintindihan ang mga nangyayari sa buhay niyo minsan, kahit may mga frustrations at regrets man, kahit ilang beses nang hindi nakapasa sa board exam, magtiwala lang kay God. Believe in your own path and timeline. Try lang nang try dahil kahit anong obstacle pa yan, WHAT’S MEANT FOR US WILL BE OURS IN HIS PERFECT TIME.

Gusto ko rin iparating na huwag susuko sa mga hamon ng buhay. Maging matatag lang parati. Maging patient sa sarili. Maging humble sa kabila ng tagumpay at bawat achievement na nakakamit.

Gusto ko itake ang opportunity na ito para sabihin na malaki ang pasasalamat ko sa The Checkpoint Online Review kasi marami akong natutunan sa review. Napakacomprehensive ng review. At holistic ang approach nito. May support group din na napakalaking tulong lalo na kapag pinanghihinaan ako ng loob. Pakiramdam ko may pamilya ako na nasasandalan. 😊

Lahat ng bagay ay blessing ni God…pagpasa man sa exam o hindi pagpasa. Naniniwala ako diyan, kasi alam kong lahat tayo ay may kani-kanyang destiny…kani-kaniyang timeline. Kaya para sa mga hindi pumasa, just hold on and keep going! Never give up sapagkat nakaplano na sa palad niyo ang success na maaachieve niyo IN GOD’S PERFECT TIME. 🤗

~ Redeemed, RMT ni Lord, March 2021

~ Ann Margaret Saquing, RMT ni Lord, March 2021

TheCheckpointOnline helped me a lot! 🤗

Especially sa mga kagaya kong matagal ng nawala dahil 2017 pa ako graduate tapos ngayong 2021 lang nakapagtake ng board exam (because you can UNLI REPLAY LECTURES for you to remember and 💯 understand lectures way way back. Hehe!😊 And we had group study sessions aside from lectures for those who wants or needs an extra help! 👌)

During this pandemic, it was really difficult for us to study, medyo stressful pero dahil sa TheCheckPointOnline, learning was made easier dahil well-organized ang app from subjects to topics, etc. We had our review sessions thru zoom and all our questions were well explained and answered properly. No student is left behind. 😊

After live sessions, you can have the video replayed anytime for you to recall the lectures you had. Plus there are a lot of quizzes to help you master every topic that had already been discussed. Lalo na sa mnemonics. The best! 😁 Very hands on si Doc Krizza and team. They would always check students from time to time. They were open to any comments or suggestions to help improve things. They don’t treat us as students lang but they made us feel na part kami ng family ng TheCheckPointOnline. 🤗

And lastly, they don’t just teach lectures, they will bring you closer to God and strengthen your faith! 🙌🙏

Thank you so much TCPO, to Doc Krizza and team!

May God bless you more! 🤗 U DA BEST!!

💜 HappyReadyRMTniLord 💜

~ Ann Margaret Saquing, RMT ni Lord, March 2021

RMT ni Lord, January 2021, Future MD

“Many students already triumphed medtech boards while in med. So, who says you can’t?” – Doc Krizza

This will always be my mantra. The moment I read this, I thought to myself, “Kung na kaya nila, kaya ko rin.”

Two weeks after Med school started when I realized that reviewing for the MTLE while studying medicine was not going to be easy. I was having a hard time balancing both (lol, hard is such an understatement) and it felt like I bit more than what I can chew. My hope was slowing fading but I prayed even harder. I prayed to have peace of mind, composure and strength. I asked God for guidance, confidence and He heard all my prayers. I did it. I am now an RMT.

I am thankful for the people that God used as an instrument of his greatness. I’d like to thank my parents, family and friends for always believing in me. Thank you for saying that I can when I thought I couldn’t. Thank you, Doc Krizza for your guidance, knowledge and generosity. I still can’t believe how one raffle giveaway became a vital medium to my successful RMT journey.

To all aspiring RMTs that are currently enrolled in Med school, don’t be frightened. Pray to God (prayer works and it never fails!) and believe in yourself. KUNG NAKAYA KO, KAYA NIYO RIN!

This one is for the dreamers and risk-takers! Keep catching dreams and keep on taking risks! Cheers!

~ RMT ni Lord, January 2021, future MD

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Realtalk lang sa mga nagmemessage na gusto nila maging RMT pero natatakot sila. Wag niyo ako hanapan ng malambing na sagot kasi eto talaga sagot ko kahit kailan niyo ako tanungin. Pwede mo pakinggan, pwede ding hindi. Your call.

Kung lagi mong papairalin ung takot sa puso mo, hindi mo din maaabot ung mga pangarap mo. Kasi napaparalyze ka ng takot, wala ka ng focus sa mga pwede mo namang gawin para makapagprepare.

Kung idadahilan mo na natatakot ka madisappoint mga tao or masaktan sa possibleng pagbagsak ehh kailangan siguro marealize na…

Kasama sa buhay ng tao ang disappointment, minsan, hindi talaga maiiwasan un kahit pa sabihin nating pamilya o mahal sa buhay. Tao tayo eh. Hindi talaga tayo masasatisfy (unless you have Christ in your life and surrendered everything to Him).

Kung natatakot ka sa pagbagsak kasi masakit, eh kailangan mo talagang pagdaanan yun, para mas lumakas ka. Lahat ng pinagdadaanan natin may lessons.

Huwag mo lagi ikumpara ung nararanasan mo sa iba kasi may iba din naman silang pinagdadaanan. May ibang lessons na itinuturo sa kanila si Lord. Hindi magandang halintulad ka ng halintulad.

Kung hindi ka magtagumpay sa ngayon, hindi ibig sabihin hindi mo na magagawa sa susunod. Hindi rin ibig sabihin na wala kang alam o bobo ka. Pwedeng marami lang talagang nangyayari sa buhay mo at wala ka sa focus. Wag ka masyadong harsh sa sarili mo. May kailangan kang matutunan sa bawat ‘failures’ na nangyayari sayo. Kaya wag mo katakutan. Oo masakit, pwede ka pa malait ng ibang tao o kahit ng pamilya mo, pero at the end of the day, pag nakuha mo ung lesson, you’ll be stronger, you’ll be happier. And you have to realize YOU NEEDED THOSE SETBACKS to acquire everything you need to get to where you are meant to be.


Para wala kang madisappoint.

Para hindi ka masaktan.

Pero, sasaya ka ba?

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Everything About My Med Tech Board Exam

These were videos I made for commemorating my 10 years in the Med Tech Review field and why I’m still here.

1) Was I ready to take the board exam?

Part 1. Was I ready to take the board exam?

2) How did I decide when to take the exam?

Part 2. How did I decide when to take the exam?

3) What did I feel after the exam?

Part 3. Finding out the results of the board exam
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May Panahon Ka Din

Originally posted on my Facebook account and in Krizza-Almond’s FanPage – Posts | Facebook.

Ung mga kabatchmates namin sa medschool, graduate na sa residency training nila, at minsan pag nakikita ko mga posts nila, tinatry ko hanapin ung totoo kong nararamdaman… Naiinggit ba ako at nasasabi sa sarili ko na sanaol? Hahaha… Kasi di ba, kung tutuusin, dapat ako din tapos na kung ipinagpatuloy ko din sana… Di ko alam bakit ako naghahanap ng ganung pakiramdam, pero wala ehhh… Masaya ako para sa kanila, pero masaya din naman ako sa kung nasaan ako ngayon.

Siguro, talagang kailangan mo lang maging MASAYA sa ginagawa mo, at mahanap kahit papaano yung purpose mo sa mundo – yung kung saan ka talaga gusto ilagay ni Lord. Sa totoo lang, kahit hindi ako nakakapagpractice ng medical career ko sa ngayon, fulfilled pa din naman ako kasi nakakatulong pa din naman ako sa mga future healthcare professionals kahit kaunti.

Kaya, sana, tuwing maaalala mo na hindi ka na kasabay ng mga kasabayan mo, hindi ibig sabihin, wala ka ng kwenta at wala ng pag-asa. May kanya-kanya tayong kwento. May panahon ka din. Matutong maging totoong masaya para sa tagumpay ng iba, huwag magtanim ng inggit at sama ng loob sa mundo. Dadating din ang tamang oras para sayo at habang hinihintay natin yun, sana mahanap mo din ang tunay mong kaligayahan. 😘

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The Last Christmas

At one point during our conversation, while we were celebrating my son’s birthday in a private resort, my father said something that I know I already know, but somehow, since that day, it kept on replaying at the back of my mind.

We rented this beautiful place where every corner you go to makes you feel relaxed. It’s like a sudden escape from the everyday hurly-burly of our lives. We were only allowed to stay there for 22 hours. My father said, “It’s good that we know we have limited time to enjoy this because we will appreciate each moment that passes. If we know we have unlimited time to spend here, I’m sure we’ll take this for granted.”

That was so spontaneous and was said at a perfect time that it left a profound impression in my mind. (I haven’t told my father about this yet and he will know once he reads this.)

I think if there’s anything that 2020 made clearer, it is that we all have a limited time on Earth. Life is too short not to appreciate that God allowed us to breathe normally still today. If you know when you would go, wouldn’t you also make the most out of your time left?

Maybe… Just maybe it’ll help you to process your emotions more appropriately whenever you think of the remaining days before the board exams. Instead of panicking, perhaps you can learn to take the countdown as a reminder that no matter what your circumstances are, you are still alive. Being here and having the opportunity to study/prepare for the exams is still a blessing, and that means you CAN always choose to do something today – no matter how little – to improve yourself.

The number of days you see is the number of days left that you do not have the RMT or ASCPi or MD title/s in your names…And in 2021, you are claiming these titles. 💪
No matter who says what, when the Lord decides, HE WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN. 🙌
Make today count.

P. S.

Let us declare that this is the last Christmas that you will celebrate without the RMT/ASCPi/MD title/s. The next Christmases won’t be the same. 😉 Padayon.





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Kumusta Ka Na?

Hello everyone!

For months, I have been trying to figure out how we can properly address the mental stress this pandemic has caused us especially to those who were affected by the rescheduling of the board exam.

So, I invited one of the top psychiatrists in the country today to conduct a session which aims to help us cope with our situation.

I hope you all can attend because we want to reach as many board exam takers as possible. I’ll post details soon but for the meantime, if you can, please answer this feedback form to help us know the common problems we have.

I hope you’re all still doing well.
Or at least, trying to. 😘