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#CheckPoint Tutorials for Medical Technologists


MUST KNOWS (or not? XD)

FIRST, if you are too lazy to read everything here, then my tutorial is not for you. I’m sorry.

SECOND, if you are a fresh graduate/first timer, I suggest that you try in a review center first. But if you insist to join us, you are more than welcome.

THIRD, I do not accept everyone. I only want to do this for those who are fully willing to help themselves too. If you are looking for spoon feeding type of learning then I’m not the one who can help you.

FOURTH, please be aware that this is NOT the usual tutorial set-up nor the usual review center set-up you know…As in everything is NOT the usual.

FIFTH, please bear in mind that I am not forcing you to join. If you find it in your heart that you really want to do your review with us, then we are waiting for you. But if you don’t like any of the above rules, then thank you for your time.

There are a lot to explain (and some are really not explainable by words) but here’s a runthrough of #CheckPoint tutorials.

  • CheckPoint Tutorials for March 2019 will start on November 2019. Actual dates will be announced when PRC releases the final board exam dates.
  • We are currently having the tutorials in 2 areas. 
    • CheckPoint Manila version 10.0
    • CheckPoint Davao version 3.0
  • We don’t meet everyday.

Our schedule is not fixed since we (the tutors) are also working and so we will be developing a schedule that fits everybody.

  • Venues
    • CheckPoint Manila: OUR HOME at SAN MIGUEL (or PALATIW), PASIG CITY
      • We have a room for tutorials just in front of our home. I am very sorry if I cannot grant your request to do the tutorial anywhere other than this venue.
    • CheckPoint Davao: No permanent venue as of yet, we usually do tutorials in different coffee shops around Davao. 🙂
  • I do the teaching but I also get help from my colleagues.
    • CheckPoint Manila: I do most of the teaching but there’ll be subjects to be handled by Sir Ross Axel Rufino (Unciano Colleges).
    • CheckPoint Davao: Most subjects will be handled by Sir Jayson Sanchez (Davao Doctors College) while I teach certain subject/s whenever I have a schedule in Davao.

We have a tradition not to move to another topic until everyone in the group understands. And yes, you can tell us everything you want to understand and we will try our best to explain but we don’t guarantee being all-knowing. If we don’t know the answer to your question, then we are willing to study again for you. 

  • If you want an easy life and would just want to rely on recall questions, then you’re in the wrong place. 

You will pass because you understood the topics, not because you remember the recalls. But if you believe otherwise, then I can’t help you. That’s not how I roll.

  • We will also have a lot of practice exams with explanations why this and not that is the answer moments.
  • There will be unpleasant moments (typhoon, super traffic, dysmenorrhea days) to teach personally so that we’ll just have an online review.
  • I will require at least 50% downpayment for our expenses.
    • FEE: Manila – P11,000 & Davao – P12,000 (already inclusive of P1,860 worth of personalized #CheckPoint Notes – all available subjects)

I am not rich, I cannot support our growing #CheckPoint family with just my usual budget so, please pay. Haha. Usually, I use the money for our refreshments (food and coffeeeeee) and enjoyment (like ice skating, karaoke, arcades, haha, no kidding).


If you are joining us, make sure that you are not a quitter or if you really are, be prepared to change. To tell you the truth, I’m not willing to do this for someone who will QUIT on me, so, let’s have a contract as early as now.

  • I do this because I live to teach.

This has been my passion ever since and has been a part of my promise to my God (long story, you’ll know on the way). I choose to teach MedTech students who are willing to sacrifice, change for the better, believe in themselves and fight for their dreams. Even if it is hard, we will not quit.

SO, are you ready to be like us? ^^,

If yes, then SEND ME A MESSAGE, like right now. 🙂

For those who’d like to know the in-between-experiences of the previous #CheckPointees, you are free to contact them.

CheckPoint v1.0

Ross Axel Rufino, RMT

Erwin Pagkatipunan, RMT

Kayla Lara, RMT

Josel Losada, RMT

Fatima Yao, RMT

CheckPoint v2.0

Hillary May Cuizon, RMT

Ahrjay Atienza, RMT

RF dela Cruz, RMT

Davicca Hwang, RMT

Chrismari Sison, RMT

CheckPoint v3.0

Wilfred Lawas, RMT

Mark Salvador Mabesa, RMT

Princess Alyssa Suerte, RMT

CheckPoint v4.0

Mia Cortez, RMT

Shirley Mae Magadang, RMT

Maria Corazon de Villa-Obnamia, RMT

John Gabriel Pagsanghan, RMT

CheckPoint v5.0

Patricia Inocencio, RMT

Sharmane May Almazan, RMT

Dette Nuñez, RMT

CheckPoint v6.0

Dexter de Vera, RMT

Dafy Macalalad, RMT

Aianna Valenton, RMT

CheckPoint v7.0

Michelle Reyes, RMT

Julia Aira Marie Sanchez, RMT

CheckPoint Manila v8.0

Alicia Abril, RMT

Lara Mae Ganaden, RMT

Jam Shane Supan, RMT

Georgina Belo, RMT

CheckPoint Manila v9.0

Gene Tulawie, RMT

Theodor Carandang, RMT

Almira Felias, RMT

CheckPoint Davao v1.0

Francis Jade Labatos, RMT

Geric Sam Lopez, RMT

Rey Marcelo Caupayan, RMT

Elspeth Katherine Luig, RMT

Denden Espero, RMT

CheckPoint Davao v2.0

Jamaica Cadorna, RMT

Shedney Mae Kawaling, RMT

Fauziyah Pagayao, RMT

Joanna Marie Guiraldo, RMT

Caryl Anne Abeto, RMT

GJ Gaetos, RMT


Tara, aral? 🙂 Or manga na lang. Hehe!


Hi! I am an anime-loving registered medical technologist turned doctor of medicine. Oh yeah, I teach medtech and life. Hihi. ^o^ Yoroshiku.

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